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February 25, 2018

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Jim Willie: Fascism’s Perfect Antidote Is The Gold Standard

Jim pulls no punches in calling out the rampant fascism in the United States. Here Jim explains is going on as well as what we can do about it…

by Jim Willie of Golden Jackass

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Jim Willie CB, editor of the “HAT TRICK LETTER”

Use the above link to subscribe to the paid research reports, which include coverage of critically important factors at work during the ongoing panicky attempt to sustain an unsustainable system burdened by numerous imbalances aggravated by global village forces. The historically unprecedented ongoing collapse has been created by compromised central bankers and inept economic advisors, whose interference has irreversibly altered and damaged the world financial system, urgently pushed after the removed anchor of money to gold. Analysis features Gold, Crude Oil, USDollar, Treasury Bonds, and inter-market dynamics with the US Economy and US Federal Reserve monetary policy.


Gold is the perfect antidote for the fascist state and its pervasive penetrating corruption laced with bellicose global actions. Gold eliminates (or rather vastly reduces) the potential for pilferage and theft in the financial management offices. Gold eliminates the potential (or vastly reduces) the potential for endless war with the vast slush funds for the military industrial complex. Gold eliminates (or vastly reduces) the corruption like a grand parasite with extensive tentacles across the several critical business sectors. The fascist state is not a well-known concept to the Western observers, even though they endured World War II. Most people have a poor comprehension of the fascist state by its basic nature, and prefer to hold onto examples of its form, its many manifestations. The majority refuse to observe and to identify the fascist state within their midst, before their eyes, in their home countries.


The fascist state is defined as a tight collusion between the government and several key business sectors, within a self-designed and evolved crime syndicate of vast proportions, which has arranged privilege for profiteering like a parasite, and in almost all cases engages in hostile actions militarily against enemy and allied nations alike. The rule of law and the political process are crushed in the process. Truth becomes the enemy of the fascist state, while those who promote the truth become targets for harassment and worse. The principal sectors which lead the fascist state are the banks and military. In the United States, the general sectors are financial, military, energy & services, pharmaceutical & medicine, news networks, and entertainment. The coopted sectors are educational and scientific research, in addition to the economic counsel. We will know they are fascists by their hatred, violence, corruption, and ruinous behavior. Few Americans admit that the United States has morphed into a vicious fascist state. Relations with allied nations and other nations are constantly put to great strain. The key conclusion from the Jackass is that the Fascists have a perfect record of failed foreign policy since the 9/11 coming out party for American Fascism. The Jackass himself received two death threats in 2006, both related to the events of 9/11. Another threat in 2009 was related to the expansive control by the syndicate whose name begins with the last letter of the alphabet. It will never to put in print in my work, but Pike was an infamous promoter of their vile plans in a sequence of planned global wars.


The Jackass has made a key conclusion, often borne out, since the 9/11 attacks committed by the globalist elite fascists. They used contractors and had many official entities, working together as groups complicit in the mass murder crime which covered the grand larceny of $100 billion in gold bullion, $100 billion in bearer bonds, and $100 billion in diamonds from the World Trade Center. Few Americans, and even few Western citizens, are aware that at the time, the WTC contained the largest private bank in the world. Yet this fact is never mentioned in the mainstream skewed news, curiously. The simultaneous crime scene at the Pentagon on that fateful day was to destroy the USArmy Accounting Office records, which contained evidence against Israel for $2.2 trillion in weapons fraud and vast thefts. The Patriot Act served as its Fascist Manifesto. The security agencies took over greater control, by virtue of national security overriding almost all policy and law. Even financial accounting can be falsified under national security clauses for justification, using new laws.


The key fact is that the fascists in the USGovt have never made a good foreign policy decision since they wrested control in September 2001. Their actions are all failures, and in fact, have encouraged in a grand manner the global rejection of the King Dollar itself. The fascists do not concern themselves with building teams, but rather with creating vassals. They do not concern themselves with cooperative efforts, but rather with exerting power. However, their policy errors of a constant consistent manner result in the unification of the East in addition to peripheral nations against the King Dollar, which has been abused to pilfer money, to wage war, to pay fees to the banker ferrymen, and to extend the fascist state. The rest of the global community of nations objects, including over time the US Allies. The failures concern sanctions, trade unions, violation of treaties, vaccines, promotion of sector plans (like GMO foods, gas fracking), hidden arms deals, sanctioned orchestrated terrorism events, NGO group violence with discord, Arab human garbage dumping, censorship of social networks along with internet functions, looney political stories on news networks, and so much more. The biggest failures are corruption of the USDollar, assassination attempts, backfire of vaccines, voting system fraud, and nonsensical news network propaganda. They have sustained their control by means of bribery of foreign nations to continue with USDollar support while obstructing Chinese bank support, which will also backfire.


The resulting effect of their destructive policy (not just bad policy), has been the organization of the community of nations, a coalescing of their policy movements, toward establishment of the Gold Standard, with the final retirement of the USDollar as global currency reserve, given an exclamation point by colossal international USTreasury Bond dumping. The abuse of the King Dollar has provided ample material for the historical annals. The dumping of the USTBonds is being done with diversity, done emphatically in ways never seen before in modern history. It can be stated unequivocally that the fascists kill their host. They do so thoroughly, with malice, with purpose, in a sense economically, financially, and politically. They impoverish the nations under their rule. They wreck where they live and exploit, then move on to the next victim. The crowning blow to their failure will be the transition from a totally corrupted paper gold market to a legitimate metal gold market, where an equilibrium will be pursued. The 5-fold increase in the USDollar monetary base since the days of the subprime mortgage scandals and financial crisis will be reflected in a much higher gold price. All in time. The next chapter, post RESET, will show several gold price points across the globe, without the embarrassment of a London Gold Fix. The next chapter will show Gold as the core to the global financial system, with Silver as the core to the global energy system. All in time.



In the last few months, a phenomenon has become vividly apparent in a cooperative effort toward the implementation of the Gold Standard. The initiative has for its requirement numerous critically important preparatory events, toward facilitating the implementation of gold in trade payments as well as banking reserves, but also toward reducing sharply the risk of global war. In fact, it can be easily stated that global war is the stock & trade of the globalist fascists. They use war to gain power, to steal gold reserves, to force debt upon nations, to reduce the population, and to enjoy the fires like the devoted Satanists that they are.


The phenomenon is that US President Trump, Chinese President Xi, and Russian President Putin are working together in a grand humanitarian project. Their endeavor is to install the Gold Standard, to ensure global economic transition, and to avoid global war. It is called the Global Financial RESET. It was all set back in January 2014 with over one hundred nations as signatories, but the globalist fascist banker thugs decided to launch a war in Ukraine instead. Their trump eliminated the RESET, but in reality only delayed it. The globalist banker cabal had more money to steal, more arms deals to complete, more QE monetay expansion to exploit, more nations to wage predatory war upon (see Syria & Yemen). The TPX trio has conducted meetings in secrecy. They form the allies of sound money and fair trade, as hard as that is to accept and to swallow. Follow their deeds, and not their words. The US-China trade war might seem violent in the commercial sense, but it has reduced the bilateral trade deficit and has created an environment for encouraging new US businesses with a profit potential.


The Jackass has stated repeatedly a few facts concerning the Gold Standard. It will appear first in trade payment, then in banking reserves, and finally in gold-backed currencies. Furthermore, the United States has three massive challenges ahead for its implementation. First it must cover the $22 trillion national debt. Second it must source the gold reserves to back a new USDollar currency, like at least 10,000 tons gold. Third it must vastly reduce the trade deficit of over $600 billion annually.



Consider that the Fascists operate like a wrecking ball and a juice extraction device, squeezing the lifeblood out of a society, an economy, and a national system. They steal the currency, then control its function and monetary authority. They promote false money, while they steal the gold as real money, in both the host nation and foreign nations (see Iraq, Libya, Ukraine). They ironically are Gresham merchants, pointing to what is real money which they themselves hoard, while using fake false unsound money as their medium to conduct criminal activities like bank & bond fraud, extensive trafficking, weapons purchases, and war management. They strive toward total control as in totalitarianism, their true objective. They achieve it step by step. They plunder without compromise, making maximum usage of crises, which they promote and cause. They engage in some of the most insidious human enterprises, such as child trafficking (for Satanic ritual kills), and organ trafficking (for hospitals in Israel and New Jersey). They have a deep reliance upon failed states, which they use for trafficking of children, arms, and drugs. But they make horrendous errors in their abject arrogance. All their USGovt foreign policy decisions have been extreme failures. All have motivated and built the Eastern alliance which favors both non-USD trade and the Gold Standard as goals. The Belt & Road Initiative (aka One Belt One Road) is the most ambitious construction plan since the Marshall Plan, only ten times larger in volume and in scope. The BRI initiative is completely non-USDollar in its funding, planning, and execution. Its completion will feature non-USD commerce and trade.



Four primary examples can be presented of the United States as a deeply integrated fascist state, with one condemning corollary trait. It is a broadly woven fabric of elitism, privilege, corruption, violence, and profit. The supporting examples of fascism form the fabric of a highly suppressive blanket resting over mankind, in the creation of a grand collection of vassal states. The New World Order was their banner, which has been captured as the Silk Road New Order by the East. Russia & China do not conform, and thus are enemy states which actual champion the capitalist state, with unique political forms. The primary examples for the US as fascist state involve the corruption of the medical & pharmaceutical sectors, which result in a very high proportion for causes to personal bankruptcy in the nation. The examples involve the energy service firms, like for instance the rape of Iraq toward the $5 billion Reconstruction Fund, largely hijacked by Halliburton. The examples involve the bank sector for the diversion of $trillions to the big banks in a queer form of banker welfare. The examples involve direct narcotics production, distribution, trafficking, and sale, along with a nasty feeder channel to Big Pharma on opioid painkillers. The examples involve the US allies being fascist regimes in numerous cases, with Langley puppets in high office (see Sarkozy in France, and Merkel in Germany). Taken in its totality, the United States is the most extensive fascist regime in complete form in the entire modern era.


Hundreds of examples and characteristics can be cited. Four are exemplary and highly indicative of collusion in the full fascist sense. The first example is the Big Pharma immunity from prosecution and liability, due to damage caused by vaccines. They are essentially given license to lace vaccines and debilitating agents within the viruses, and to profit from treatment after widespread infection and a lifetime of weakening the population. They also benefit from state legal requirements to forcibly receive vaccines, for school entry, for state job retention, for driver’s license, and more. The second example is the exemption for chemical fracking firms to be forced to reveal the contents of their chemicals. The suspicion, backed by research easily, is that contamination of the entire continent’s water table has occurred. Halliburton is the biggest beneficiary, although other firms are involved. This vile firm is suspected of a key role in the Fukushima nuclear plants destruction, and for spreading chemtrails.


The third example is QE the monetary policy by the USFed. It has resulted in hundreds of $billions in profit for the banking sector, in particular Wall Street banks. These WSt banks control the USGovt. They stole the $700 billion in TARP Funds in 2008, as part of the financial rescue after the Lehman failure (killjob). They were first in line in bond insurance payouts, after causing the bust. They received a free pass for the criminal MERS title database which enabled mortgage bond fraud. They benefit from the insider info (wink & nod) for enormous bond carry trade profits. Despite the $280 billion in losses from criminal penalties and investor remedies, they profited by perhaps $2 to $3 trillion in the multi-year housing and mortgage finance bubble, when counting all the synthetic casino games. The losses could serve as a minor 10% business cost, a corruption tax, which was passed onto shareholders anyway. The fourth example is the ugliest of all, direct narcotics production, distribution, and money laundering. The entire Afghan War is about producing poppy and heroin, in a vertically integrated industry. No goals of mineral production or pipeline construction were ever pursued, simple smokescreens. The NATO airbases distribute the narcotics, now primarily in the Italian Aviano base and the German Ramstein base, given that Turkish Incirlik is lost. The connection is direct to Big Pharma with its millions of prescribed painkillers. The connection is indirect to the many US cities and towns, where the cost of heroin has fallen by 80% for users. These leading examples in the argument of fascist integration do not include the military segment, with vast corruption.


Another key example is more a corollary trait. The best friends of the United States for two generations have been fascist states. Examine the relationship with various Latin American nations in their fight against communism, where the USGovt always aligns itself in clear terms with the fascist regimes. See Chile and Argentina, as well as Nicaragua for examples. The smoke screen is given to combat communism, when the actual movement with full support is to join forces with the fascist regimes. Furthermore, the USGovt has uniformly treated its allies with hostility. The Washington crew, long before the NeoCons took control, have routinely given orders to their allies. The typical tactic is to make unilateral decisions, then compell the ally nations to go along with support, or else be regarded as oppositional. In fact, it can be said that the policy is to treat democratic states with hostility until they conform with other fascist states. France and Germany are excellent examples, although the links are withering.


As preface, consider on what Eisenhower warned about over 60 years ago, the harsh dominance of the US-based military industrial establishment. He warned about the tendency to seek war for contractor profit, but missed on the corruption angle. The living reality of Military-Economic Fascism presents an ugly shadow on the nation, as it leads much of the march toward fascism. No pilferage is punished, even though over $6 trillion is missing from Pentagon appropriations (a euphemism for formal sales). Stealing from the USGovt on the weapons front is as easy as pie. Just ask Israel. They purchase entire weapon systems at the cost of scrap metal, as in over a 95% discount, their handy accounting trick. Stealing multi-$billions is All-American. See Von Mises (HERE).



The examples to justify the accusation of the United States being a fascist state are far too numerous to list in their entirety. The Jackass offers a long list of events and structural relationships, with no immediate sense of order, no claim of completeness, from a stream of memory and freed consciousness. The following should trigger deep alarm in any patriot for the United States, which includes the Jackass.


For starters, consider the entire 9/11 directed attacks of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, with former motive to steal $100bn in gold, $100bn in bonds, and $100bn in diamonds, along with obstruction of a $230bn Russian Bond facing maturity, with latter motive to eliminate the USArmy Accounting Report publication of $2.2 trillion in stolen military weapon appropriations. Consider next the over 30 murders of witnesses on the Dallas grassy knoll for Kennedy kill in 1963. Then take the over 110 murders to cover up the Clintons streak of criminality in the last 28 years. The Global Warming fictional story has been promulgated in order to support the Carbon Tax (tax on the air we breathe), by means of widespread paid false scientific research. Numerous PhD degrees are purchased at major universities, by the elite friends, for the right price. Many rightly point to the favor given to the Wall Street banks as being a form of banker welfare, which is true, although the connection makes the primary spinal cord to the fascist state. The bankers are in the control room, as directors in charge from the secretive globalist banker cabal which has been in force for over 200 years. The military contractors, energy firms, energy service firms, pharmaceutical firms, agricultural firms, news networks, and entertainment field all serve as key satellite tentacles to the fascist state. Even Walt Disney had Langley connections, the origins innocent enough in newsreels about World War II. However, his corporation became a key Langley center in Disneyworld for abductions and training (torture) centers.


The Washington Post was acquired by Jeff Bezos, close to the Langley fold, only to quickly turn into a slanted newspaper in service to the globalists. The New York Times is like an extension of Wall Street, with paid print from big banks and hedge funds. The Occupy Wall Street movement was treated like a terrorist organization by the FBI and Homeland Security. Threats and press derision came to independent political candidates like Ross Perot and Ron Paul. Protection of nazis from Operation Paperclip and the entrance of over 200 nazis into the United States in a variety of important positions, from Von Braun at NASA to Mengele at Langley. The MK Ultra program of robotic type trained assassins, trained prostitutes, and other roles. Extended monopolies by Rockefeller into medical and pharmaceutical industries, with USCongress collusion. The constant string of forced vaccinations despite no transparency of contents. The 111 murders of doctors to protect Big Pharma in revealing vaccine contents, like immune system suppressants, toxins that lead to autism, and even cancer switches turned off. The export of laced deadly vaccines to West Africa (see ebola outbreak with hundreds of victim