Step Aside "Illiquid" Nigerian Prince: Here Comes The "Exploding Debit Card" Phi

Highly-compensated 'bridge loans' for illiquid Nigerian princes are so 21st century.

The new-new thing in scams is exploding debit cards...

As the letter below shows, the scammer are targeting Barclays customers, claiming that and "URGENT safety recall" has been issued for customers' debit cards because they could explode.

"This is a matter of uppermost emergency as your card could create a pocket fire at any given moment, burning your legs and stomach terribly."

The fake letter went on to blame the exploding debt cards on "a fault in the factory process at the bank's debit card factory in Molton Keynes," which is a 'tell' since it does not exist and is close to the spelling o a midlands city called Milton Keynes.

Source: @DGWBirch

And finally, having terrified the customer, there's the catch - the scammers instruct the debit cardholder to fill out a form requesting their personal information (including their PIN!) and tells them, to "return the debit card to the safety manager" who happens to be based in Bangalore, India. (Source: Click here)


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