Peter Schiff, Indirectly Solidifies the Ideals and Motivations Behind Global Y2C and the application

We're Getting to the End of It - Peter Schiff (YouTube)

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Don't only take our word for it! In the video above, Peter Schiff indirectly solidifies the ideals and motivations behind our position here at Global Yes to Cash! Through his corporate presentation at the Cambridge House International, Schiff takes you through the signs of the time, and clearly identifies the financial position you should be taking to prepare for what is observably coming!

When you couple Global Y2C's standing desire to have and hold cash, with the added strategy of our selected medium of currency being that of legal tender bearing real intrinsic value in its very constitution of 0.999% fine silver, we are now aiming to strategically cultivate an International Small Business community of a G47 Marketplace

Small Businesses participating in a G47 ECO-nomy, now have a catalyst of empowerment through our organic international consumer base via Global Yes to Cash and all of our affiliated associations world wide...and being that we utilize our collateral silver base domiciled in the International Silver Dollar Association (ISDA) Vault, we can now lawfully engage in a primary medium of exchange through the international trade platform found at!

We the People Always Have the Power to Vote with Our Wallets!

People generally understand that in the absence of positive leadership within our governmental institutions today, that they have not only more personal responsibility, but they have a huge amount of individual power. When, as individuals we’re spending $36 billion a day, the individual decisions that we make can add up to an enormously powerful lever even if government doesn’t step in in a positive way.

Consumers are "voting with their money" now more than ever, which means they are increasingly more willing to CoVest in Small Businesses that share their same values.

Global Y2C, the G47 Marketplace, and the ISDA were collectively designed to be the world’s leader in bringing this spirit of CoVesting our money to become Intentional Community Opportunities (ICOs) that present a real positive disruption to redefine the broken paradigm of our global economic system, and to provide a more secure and sustainable economy through a significantly more advanced medium when it comes to storing our collective wealth and CoVested energies!

"Every Small Business participating in the G47 Global Initiative is dedicated to giving 10% from every transaction to a globally empowering ISDA Community Stabilization Fund! This capital is then further leveraged and capitally enhanced for the fiscal support of your local Small Businesses, and for the creation of new entrepreneurial opportunities for your domestic communities!"

Will you consider becoming an iCovestor within an international G47 Economy, and together we can vote for a brighter future through the uplifting support we charitably give to the entrepreneurs within each of our communities, worldwide!

Click Here & GoGo CoVest!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, you truly have a winning hand to play, here at Global Yes to Cash! Please cast your "VOTE" today!

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