The Global Economic Collapse is here and something better can come out of it

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What more can be said than: Watch this video? A video that all can see is cutting through the "media crap" about the global economy being OK, and showing the truth behind the financial and partly political clown show going on.

We are obviously heading towards 1929 "on steroids", but with a lot of hope still for anyone with "eyes to see" and ability to think for themselves.

Because a new real value backed system seems to be on it's way to replace the empty papers and digital numbers only system we have today. America, China, and Russia will no doubt do their best to be in charge for a return to a sound economic system again. They all are rumored to have physical gold ready.

Who will win this race? I still believe in the true America, outside D.C., the heart of true freedom of the world. But first the "enemy from within swamp" has to be "drained", and this will happen the day America sees the truth. Hopefully it will be very soon.

The truth is simple. The enemy from within is NOT about GOP and/or true Dems, not about left and right. It's all about greed, power and money, nothing else. President Donald Trump, with all his strange behavior and obvious narcissism is a front for this battle. He was the guy crazy enough to take the job. No "sane" person would have dared doing it.

Remember the last one trying to change Washington was Ronald Reagan. What did people say about him when this actor entered the White House scene?

He was forced to see the barrel of a gun and the inside of a hospital, but he was also able to "tear down the wall".

And before him John F. Kennedy tried to clean up. He died while trying. A truly courageous man! They both were!

Now Donald J. Trump is basically trying the same. No wonder there is a fight going on, for all to see. Given they have the ability to see through the fog of disinfo in the media.

Kennedy was a democrat, Reagan a Republican and Trump ... is Trump. This has never been about left or right. It has always been about lies and truth, greed & compassion, corruption and law & order. Never forget that America...and refuse to let yourself be divided! Dividion is all about making you weak. Nothing else!

Let the crash come, and let's pull together and build something new and better in the wake of it!

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