Amazon GO – the job, cash and privacy killer

A vision of the future, and Amazon GO is part of the beginning of this. Do we want to go there? Where the owners of the digital networks will be our masters?

What is the most important, humans or machines? Jeff Bezos and his Amazon make us ask this question because Jan 22. Bezos and his team launched Amazon GO, their first fully automatic grocery store. This is a store with no sales assistants, noone making sure you have paid. There are very few jobs jobs for humans. It is all about digitalization, machines and artificial intelligence, AI. We talk about machines getting their data from the buying behavior of and cameras following everything the customers do, and seamlessly adapting to the behavior of the same customers. You can read more about the store here. Take our privacy The Seattle based store of course has machines that will be filled with what most of us call money. But being digitalized money from commercial banks they will be nothing more than fiat money and monetized debt, IOUs. The commercial banks have the right to “print money” as long as someone backs them with an IOU. The machines will be filled with something else too, something the market sees as even more important than IOUs. By avoiding the acceptance and use of cash in their store Amazon GO and others like them will know everything there is to know about their customers and their behavior with their money. Shopping "gone wild" This information will be strongly enhanced by the fact that there is no feeling of cost for the customers in stores like this. Most people will probably just take what they want from the shelves, not necessarily what they need. They will buy much more on impulse and emotion than on their need when cash is not exchanged with products from the store. The door will open for shopping "gone wild" There are, in fact, a lot of researches that show us spending 25-30% more money when we do not have what most banks, Bezos and others see as the limitation of their turnover and bonuses, cash in our wallets. We only have limited amounts there in our wallet, while the app of Amazon Go gives us all the credit the credit card companies are willing to give us. Open books for Bezos Bezos and his machines will probably after a while know far more about his customers than they know themselves. Few things show more about who we are than our detailed buying habits. The customers will become open books for Bezos. There are strong reasons to believe that the real goal of Jeff Bezos and his machines is that everything their customers ever need will be delivered and registered by them. Bezos and his machines will, through their vast knowledge of everyone then de facto own the soul of their customers. They will be able to predict what everyone will do. Slavery returns Bluntly put, slavery is on it’s way back. And the king of the slave trade will be Jeff Bezos and the banks, if he snf his other digitalized friends gets their way with their all digitalized and AI-run store concepts. Will we let them? The main difference from the old slave trade will be that most of the slaves will not see themselves as serfs, until it’s too late. They will be like frogs being boiled. If the water is slowly warmed the frogs will not jump out. Until their creditors and Bezos own them. If the water boils while the frog is thrown in it will of course jump out the second it feels the hot water. However, both ways are about cooking the frog. And that is the whole point. Slow adaption to debt slavery, and then you’re owned. Open debate Let’s be clear. There is nothing wrong in making money, for Bezos or anyone else. But is it OK in any way, shape or form? Is it OK to make money on slaves? We must always have an open debate on how money is made and used. The society we all live in, is it for humans or for the money? What is money, if not a tool for humans to improve their and other's lives? Full automation is always presented as making something more effective, easy and needed for competitiveness in the market. Are we allowed to question this allegation? We do not question industrial automation and similar automation fields. Lower fault rates and higher production speed may be good for humanity. Better products at better price. Our question marks stem from the product line. Where things like support and help are needed and humane interaction is what will make the difference. Killing the customer base Do we have technology for humanity or are humanity for technology? This is another way of asking the question we started with. Do humans want stores without human interaction? Do humans want stores where privacy's sold out, no matter what they say is the main product being sold there? Does it look better being wrapped up as automation and digitalization for convenience and ease when you shop? Do humans want technology to take most jobs away? Do human see leavs themselves out of work and maybe not being able to afford going to stores like AMAZON GO, no matter how convenient it may be? Have Jeff Bezos and others like him ever thought about this reality? Consumers with no work will be consumers with no money? What happens the Amazon GO and other projects like this then? Are Bezos and his digitalized friends killing their own customer base?

Give humanity a future for humans! For an alternative, a real value money- and trade system for humans. A system also creating jobs and protecting privacy. Check out Global YES to CASH and G47Marketplace.


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