"Based on a true story..."

Joe the Plumber went to a hotel and made a 100 dollar deposit to the Hotel Manager to hold a hotel room for him with the arrangement that he may cancel it and get his deposit back and go somewhere else, if he so decides, and left for town.

The Hotel Manager remembered that he owed the Local Butcher 100 dollars for some meat he had purchased, so he gave it to him to clear the debt.

The Butcher remembered that he owed the Farmer 100 dollars, so he gave the 100 dollar bill to him, to pay his debt.

The Farmer remembered that he owed the local Feed Mill Guy 100 dollars for some feed, so he paid him the 100 dollars and cleared his debt.

The Feed Mill Guy remembered he owed his Secretary 100 dollars so he paid her.

The Secretary owed the Hotel Manager 100 dollars for some rooms she had booked and paid him to clear the debt.

The Hotel Manager now had the 100 dollar bill back again just in time as Joe the Plumber came back in the door and decided on another hotel and asked for his deposit back, so the Hotel Manager returned the 100 dollar bill to Joe the Plumber.

Everybody’s debt in town was now paid for and settled ($500) and...

Joe the Plumber had his 100 dollar bill back again!

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