Physical money is under severe pressure from financial industrial sectors, and also until recently from leading political parties in my home of Norway. The governments claim that digital currency development will make physical cash redundant. Global YES to Cash (aka Global Y2C) makes public claim that the removal of physical cash will essentially be the beginning of removing Your Civil Liberties to have and hold cash, in favor of what we may call here a totalitarian digital "Bankocracy.” Most people will of course see this as a meaningless exaggerated statement. Payment by a bankcard or by mobile phone is a natural and effective consequence of an evolving better and digital world of commerce, isn't it? Why should we walk around with our pockets full of physical money and be afraid of being robbed, or maybe lose our cash in another way? Banks are really only interested in introducing more efficient payment solutions for us all, right? Money Is Trust Is it as simple as this? Think about all the downtime for ATM’s and Internet banks, rampant hacking making no network secure, Edward Snowden's very public message, and especially by what consumer authorities point to as "rampant fraud" the sale of some big bank owned investment portfolios and products? Do the big banks really deserve our 100% trust? Can we calmly give them complete control over all of our money? In observing their past record, what have the banks done to deserve our full and unlimited trust? The value of money's entire existence, has "TRUST" built right into the very fabric of its foundation. The full confidence of society is a prerequisite for the true value of any form of money to function. If the trust is gone, then the value of the money will vaporize with it. However, when the banks mainly work for their shareholders short range interests, rather than their depository client base, they reduce our municipal confidence pursuant to the monetary assets they hold, for the job they have to manage and grow. Banks Destroy Trust It gets really bad when banks, in working for their shareholder’s shortsighted interests also get caught cheating, or something clearly resembling it. Though many actions they have performed may not currently be deemed illegal, the many recent exposures of their lack of moral and ethical regard concerning their customers' deposits, is certainly enough to kill any remaining trust and confidence pursuant to the very thin fabric of this current banking system. Panama Papers, Libor-fraud, bail-outs and bail-ins in particular etc. are schemes considered to be completely damaging to the trust of financial institutions, and thus to the money they manage. Another important issue leading to a lack of trust is when banks, through high fees and almost impossible access to cash, are brazen enough to claim people no longer want cash! People do not use cash, the banks claim, but can people and businesses use something hardly available which has become so expensive to use, that so few can even afford it? The most important objection to removing cash, the way Global YES to CASH sees it, is the dramatic lack of confidence in a banking system having almost methodically abused their depositors' trust daily. This objection is also the foundation and reason Global YES to CASH currently observes its greatest threat to our international free markets in a very long time, the "prohibition of cash." No to Cash, is No to Privacy Privacy is what concerns about 70% of Global YES to cash members who point it out as being the most concerning objection of all. Everything we pay for digitally is automatically tracked. Just see how digital ads related to what you’ve just looked at on the internet "coincidentally" appear on your screen for days afterwards. This is because of the personalized cookies your web browser stores on your computer. It doesn’t matter much whether we pay by card, mobile or some other solution the Fintech industry have come up with, these transactions are all recorded and tracked, even though crypto-currencies like Bitcoin claim that their "blockchain" based technology is not re-traceable...But these crypto-currencies, as we may call them, have other major problems. They hold no real value backing, no guarantee who’s behind them, no security when the power grid goes down etc. Global YES to CASH uses very little time and resources employing crypto-currencies as of September 2017. Real cash, with intrinsic value is what we stand for, at least until some real value backed blockchain based currencies will be introduced. One might ask about what the big difference is between the loyalty reward cards from corporate retail chain stores, and bank issued cards concerning personal data collection?

Although the level of detail regarding data collection is greater for the reward cards, the most important difference is the real costs we all bear when we use their cards. Not to mention the total removal of our individual privacy living in a cashless, bankcard based society.

Even though corporate retail chains indirectly pay us through lower prices offered via use of their consumer loyalty discount/reward cards, they indeed collect even more data.

We must also remember that bankcards are used everywhere, while loyalty reward cards are only for the stores that give them to their customers, and we all still reserve the right to choose whether or not we want to use them, while bankcards in a cashless society are mandated and unavoidable.

Currently, in Norway, three positive points regarding the war on cash, is that:

  1. The Central Bank so far has supported the idea of cash. They openly did so after Yes to Cash really got the word out.

  2. The removal of ATMs in Norway is also being pursued in high gear, but the cashhandling corporation NOKAS are certainly seeking to replace them where they can. NOKAS also just inked a close to €60 million Euro deal in Finland to replace ATMs which had been removed from a well-known mall corporation.

  3. Five of the 8 parties of the Parliament have specified yes to cash in their political programs. This is new. Only one party had it before Global YES to cash got the word out in Norway. As of early September 2017, it is political suicide for any party to back the removal of cash.

Increase Our Debt Another inconvenient truth for the banks, is the fact that our impulse based purchases are also increasing when using their cards for payment. Cards are truly a good money machine for the banks, as well as the companies accepting their cards, but the truth about these bank cards is an inconvenient one for the banks the day we the consumers understand how much we have been manipulated through the use of digital payment cards. Research shows an increase of up to 25% in our purchases if we use bank cards instead of cash! The reason for this increase is much simpler than we may think. Simply illustrated, the subliminal psychological pain we mostly feel when physically giving away money from our wallets has now been removed. The impulse barrier is almost completely detached from our cognitive awareness, and sales increase for the stores while the money from associated fees rolls in even faster for the banks. The most inconvenient truth is probably how digital payment solutions seem to have dramatically increased the level of debt obligations throughout our societies. More and more it appears that far too many of us have lost the ability to perceive the difference between debt and physical money. Credit cards now equal money!?! The card seems to be used as an almost unlimited wallet, increasing our personal level of debt until it gets totally out of hand due to the psychological detachments from cold hard cash, and the bank now gets to take away our car, our house or whatever else we have pledged as collateral while further increasing our debt and depleting ourselves from real tangible assets. All About Power and Money The history of humanity, at least since Babylonian record, is the story of gold, power and control. After seeing what Snowden revealed from behind the veil, I guess we can safely claim that little seems to have changed regarding the worldly power's urge and drive to preserve its power. In 2017 however, they cover their lust for power, and call it combating terror, etc. The Global War on Terror is a great tool to grant excuses in order to control us all. ISIS/DESH and the war on terror, is just another excuse, wrapped up in a story of effective and cost worthy payment solution necessary to fight black money used by terrorists and cartels, and simply ruse conjured up to remove cash from the hands of society, for greater control granted unto just a few elitists. Both of these excuses move power over our lives, and into the hands of bankers and their owners, the old de facto “Babylonian”, Black Nobility families having ruled this world for far too long. If we do not act now, we will lose our voice, authority and free will which begins with a free market. They will get their “Bankocracy,” as well as the money from us all, if we let them get their way. Will we allow this to happen? Never forget the old saying: "The road to hell has always been paved with good intentions." Can we observe any better examples than the ones which we have already mentioned here? The War on Terror, War on Drugs, War on Cash. Are they more than just euphemisms for “securing and increasing” the “power of Babylon?” No Power Grid, No Money Another obvious point for speaking against the removal of cash, and securing the use of money in our own communities is…What happens if the power grid or internet goes down? We all know the grid is occasionally down. This happens every now and then in all societies. As you read the daily news, banks are being hacked routinely as of recent times. In addition to that, what will happen if we have a natural disaster, or an external threat attacks by modern Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons? These weapons can wipe out all electronics? What if there is a “terror attack” against the power grid? The Road to Serfdom and Slavery How can we allow ourselves to make our families and communities this vulnerable to a few banking elite, and under the ruse of safeguarding our fiscal defenses? How can anyone with only a basic understanding of security considerations even dream about removing physical money from society’s hands in favor of currently offered digital solutions? Do you remove the stairs, just because a building as recently installed an elevator? What if the elevator breaks? The bottom line for all you’ve read until this point…is that no access for us to our monetary cash supply, equals no access to what we know as freedom and basic civil liberty to have and hold cash in our hands. “Bankocracy” will be our new way of life, a life as money machines and artificial intelligence make us serfs in a society orchestrated by the banking powers. Nothing else. Our new life as slaves for the banks will not be obvious from day one. Not even the average banking employee will see this, that is, unless we warn everyone we know, as we do here. Because without cash, there will be no way of escaping banking slavery in the long run. So please join us in this worthy fight by using physical cash where ever you can. This fact has never been more important than now.

Global Yes to Cash is seeking to provide solutions for you, your family and your community while we still have time to stand up for our basic rights!

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