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Succinctly, while many “credible spokespeople” are blowing the whistle on the increasing economic crisis, and how a cashless society is at the precipice of being implemented upon us by a global elite governance and banking force…we stand in agreement with a lot of the disclosures being offered from the likes of Bix Wier, Jim Rickards, Jim Willie, Ludwig von Mises Institute, Max Keiser, Simon Black, Peter Schiff, Harry Dent, etc. However, here at Global Yes to Cash (aka Global Y2C), we do not feel that any real solution has been offered in true remedy to the whole of society, apart from the major benefits attributed really only to the very people who are offering their solutions.

Though we have had some real success in Northern Europe pursuant to the “Yes to Cash” movement, it is now time we realize that this is a Global situation, and not just a domestic or even an individual national issue. A REAL GLOBAL SOLUTION is needed for those who revere and understand what cash truly represents, and not just for the immediate gain of a select few blowing their horns, but rather a remedy appointed to the collective whole.

Enter Global Y2C!

In “Phase III” of the “Yes to Cash” movement, we have employed a qualified think tank to come up with real remedies for presentation to a global culture as an alternative to the “Cashless” society being precipitated upon us by just a few ruling global elite.

Reaching out through the extensive organic member base of our international community, “Yes to Cash” has determined to associate in a like-minded alliance aimed at providing answers for stimulating real economic growth via development our standing resources by deploying a collective asset base in a strategic Organic Community Economic Developmental structure.

G47 Marketplace ( provides a logical international vehicle for the exchange of Small Business goods and services which are designated from within our organic sphere of influence. While products and contractual services are promoted via an international online platform (similar to Amazon or eBay), but with the primary focus of maintaining our medium of exchange for quality goods and services between producers and consumers to be transacted in the form of “CASH” bearing real intrinsic value. All Participating Consumer Members (PCM) and Small Business Members (SBM) of the G47 Marketplace, perform all organic community currency transactions predicated on the real value of a collateral silver exchange overseen by an International Silver Dollar Association (ISDA) comprised from the leaders appointed from your participating local communities.

The ISDA vault itself is domiciled within an internationally recognized sovereign jurisdiction, and underpinned by 0.999% fine silver in a multitude of American Silver Eagle dollar 1oz coins. We call this pool of communal assets, the “ISDA Community Stabilization Fund.”

In a collaborative effort, it is the goal of Global Y2C and the G47 Marketplace to utilize the ISDA Stabilization Fund to empower your local communities through the economic stimulation of your local small businesses, while also providing lucrative solutions for you and your family independently.

As you become more ACTIVELY involved with Global Yes to Cash and take part in the G47 Marketplace, you will find a myriad of opportunities for yourself personally, your family, your businesses and your colleagues and friends.

Starting with the Liberty Stewardship Awards! This exciting impending event is just one such effort to kick start a Global Yes to Cash movement into HIGH GEAR! This is your opportunity to be awarded for your consistent efforts in the Yes to Cash and G47 Marketplace initiatives!

  • Up to 100 Recipients to be awarded in silver valued at $10,000+ USD!

  • Up to 1,000 Recipients to be awarded in silver valued at $1,000+ USD!

  • An Unspecified Number of Recipients to be honored with silver valued at $800,000+ USD! (This goes to ALL who actively assist in spreading the word of this good news!)

All capital proceeds gathered in what we call, “The Grain House Initiative” shall be perpetually stewarded and capitally enhanced before using this asset base toward the fiscal empowerment of all your communities. In metaphorical essence, just as grain was once stored up in grain houses before a great famine took place in Egypt, your collective “grain offering” in contribution to the ISDA Stabilization Fund in the form of American Silver Eagle Dollars will not be eaten before they are sewn and cultivated for a great harvest to benefit ALL communities involved in the Global Y2C movement!

A series of strategic mechanisms will be launched to both empower and employ the collective organic communities of Global Y2C and G47 Marketplace, while maintaining a currency medium of fine silver, non-hypothecated, and with the freedom to have and hold one’s own cash, thus sustaining our independence and liberty unto a free market society!

As our numbers grow, the collective body politic of our organic community exchanging goods and services within a G47 Marketplace will be well rewarded both economically, and by continually stimulated through Liberty Stewardship Awards and our 10/90 Honorable Rewards Protocols!

Stay tuned to our next BLOG 411 to find out more on how you can get YOUR PIECE of the LIBERTY PIE!


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