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                             into the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund

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By CoVesting one or more American Silver Eagles through "The Grain House Initiativeyou  are entering yourself into a Random Selection Drawing process to potentially receive one or more Liberty Stewardship Awards each valued at $1,000 to $10,000 or more!  All Awards shall be assigned and/or transferred        in 0.999 Fine Silver!


More importantly, you are committing to deposit silver, which bears true intrinsic value to stimulate your International Silver Dollar Association Community Stabilization Fund. This fund will be further leveraged, and capitally enhanced to empower and prosper your community, while promoting your domestic economic sustainability!   

Here is your chance to participate in the...


Liberty Stewardship Awards
All are invited, and many will be chosen...will it be you?


Will hold a random selection drawing to present:

CoVest your "Seed" in the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund
through the “Grain House Initiative”
... and Support a Global "Yes to Cash" Movement Today!


coined liberty.

Fyodor Dostoevsky

Russian Philosopher, 1800's

"CASH" is your PRIVATE PROPERTY.   It is the physical representation of your time at work, and/or your intellectual output.

To ban CASH, is to steal your PRIVATE PROPERTY!

Additional terms and agreements do apply to participate in the Liberty Stewardship Awards:   (CLICK HERE) 

All Policies & Agreements of the G47 Marketplace do apply when CoVesting into the ISDA-CSF:  (CLICK HERE)


By deploying our collective wallets toward the support of an international community comprised from your fellow Yes to Cash Members and their Small Businesses, a strategic Organic Stimulation of Production & Consumption of our neighbor's local goods and services, will certainly empower and promote a Cash Based Society...while simultaneously exercising the use of Cash bearing real a intrinsic value, Silver! 


(1 ASE Coin = Rewarded  of 1 Qualified Registered Entry)

(5 ASE Coins = Rewarded  of 5 Qualified Registered Entries)

(Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera... )

  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of registered entries one may hold, and YES, each entry does increase the number of chances one may be selected to receive an award.  Nevertheless, to promote greater community participation, the individual award limit for each drawing event shall not exceed 3,500 ASE coins per drawing.

  • 1,100 drawings will take place when the collective deposit of the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund reaches 1,000,000 ASE coins held in vault.  There after, a new series of drawings will begin, and following this same process each and every time 1,000,000 ASE coins have been CoVested into the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund.


Offered to Qualified Recipients and
Transferred in Fine Silver valued at
$10,000 USD

1,000 Awards

Offered to Qualified Recipients and
Transferred in Fine Silver valued at
$1,000 USD

One American Silver Eagle (ASE) Coin CoVested = 1 Registered Drawing Entry 
(Likewise 5 ASE Coins CoVested = 5 Registered Entries, etc.)

CoVest in your community today, and say “YES TO CASH!”

Take part in a movement developed to Sustain Your economic “Liberties & Independence” through an organic economic development strategy designed to put your "Ideology into Action!"