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What is the ISDA Vault?

The Most Jurisdictionally Secured Asset Protection Services

International Silver Dollar Association Secured Vault

Global Y2C and the G47 Marketplace invite you to qualify and become a Participating Community Member of our exciting and exclusive silver cash based economy by CoVesting one or more American Silver Eagle Dollars into the International Silver Dollar Association's (ISDA) Community Stabilization Fund  today!

The ISDA Vault, is an Assured secure facility domiciled within an internationally sanctioned sovereign jurisdiction, bearing diplomatic immunity conjoined with a Notarial Authenticated Apostille blessing from its host nation's government and monarchy.  Simply put, commercial regulators bear no legal or lawful jurisdiction to flex any controlling authority over the assets held within this vault.  Thereby, no agency under the color of law, may pursue any unwarranted gains through illicit civil asset forfeiture proceedings.

It is now time to PROACTIVELY put your IDEOLOGY into ACTION and  say “Yes to Cash” by joining us today, as we begin to assemble an international body of like-minded people to uniformly engage in a coordinated preemptive strike against the agenda of an Orwellian cyber-controlled “cashless society” dream!  Your action in CoVesting today is critically needed, and the charitable contribution you make to your ISDA Community Stabilization Fund truly has its rewards in so many ways!  


The "Global Y2C" has started the iCovest Movement, which certainly has far more to offer than other organizations who have regrettably declared their War on Cash!”

Along with saying “Yes to Cash,” when you take action to make a positive stance in contributing to your International Silver Dollar Association Community Stabilization Fund (hereinafter, the "ISDA-CSF") by CoVesting at least ONE American Silver Eagle, you, your family, your friends, your local small businesses, your sponsoring assembly, and whole community only stand to benefit! 


Upon CoVesting your first silver coin into the ISDA-CSF, you will immediately be registered to qualify as an inaugural Member of an ISDA Designated Corporation Sole (hereinafter, "DCS").  If you're selected to receive one or more Liberty Stewardship Awards, your acceptance in acquiescence of "Certified Membership" offering will be required. 

It is important to know that ALL contributions CoVested into the ISDA-CSF will NEVER BE DEPLETED, but rather, the principal of these community assets are first leveraged, then actively managed through business development and other financial applications for capital enhancement to become a perpetual source of funding provided to qualified sustainable organic business vehicles established first from within our communities.  This capital assistance shall be made available to all participating members and their local municipalities through an established Honorable Rewards Protocol!  (Click For More Details)

The ISDA itself is a functioning committee established for the secured collective treasury management of your CoVested communal assets.  The ISDA Vault is an Assured facility currently domiciled within the jurisdiction of a Sovereign Ecclesiastical State as an integrated auxiliary, and set apart from any inorganic taxing and/or commercial regulatory authorities.  All assets held within the ISDA-CSF are composed of real intrinsic value (silver/gold), and held in a vault shrouded with internationally recognized sovereign immunity under the veil of international security clearance.  Our Sovereign Ecclesiastical State jurisdiction is publicly recognized by decree issued and witnessed under signature of Supreme Court Justice and Judicial Notarial Authenticated Apostille. The ISDA stands in recognition of its domicile within the jurisdiction of its Nation host, and is further blessed by the Nation's adjoining Monarchy with enforceable oversight.

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