About Global Yes-to-Cash

We are an international body politic of proponents for cash unified under the banner of a Global Y2C movement, and here  to advocate for the preservation of cash being the standard medium of exchange, to have and hold as legal tender for the acquisition of daily goods and services. 

The movement was originally founded by Hans Christian Faerden from Norway, who was then acting Chairman, and to date Yes-to-Cash has endured various trials, but all the while bearing good fruit with its numerous successes highlighted herein this bedtime story.

What is


What do the following issues share in common?

  • Withdrawals of $10k USD or more...

  • CTR (Cash Transaction Reports) & SAR (Suspicious Activity Reports), and Civil Asset Forfeiture illicitly pursued under the “Color of Law”

  • RFID chip tracking

Did you know that your freedom to travel abroad may be denied if you have an alleged outstanding tax obligation?

All of the above deal with CASH and your access, possession and use of legal tender, both domestically and abroad.

Why are you asked to provide a SSN/SIN to send cash via Money Gram?

[koh] (prefix)

1) Together; joint; jointly; mutually:  coeducation.

    a. Partner or associate in an activity:  coauthor;


    b. Subordinate or assistant:  copilot.

2) To the same extent or degree:  coextensive.

Vest [vest] (verb)

1) To give (someone) the legal right or power to  

do something or to own land or property

2) To endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) with something, as powers, functions, or rights:  To vest the board with power to increase production; to vest an employee with full benefits in the pension plan

Have you ever stopped to ask the questions:

Have you been told, “We don’t accept cash,” or have you been denied the freedom to use cash to pay a family member’s merchant account?


How about bail-outs, bail-ins and negative interest rates?


What about crypto currencies and the push toward a cashless society?

We saw what a bank holiday looks like in Greece and cash limits placed on ATM withdrawals.

Clearly, There IS a War on Cash!

And more importantly, how are YOU actively responding to this assault?

Cō-Vest [koh-vest] (verb)

To jointly, in creative partnership, endow (a person, group, committee, etc.) pecuniary stewardship, functions, or rights:  To vest the board with power to increase production and/or intrinsic value of principal asset as entrusted unto its fiduciary care and responsibility for accountability and management.



It may sound old school, but real LAWFUL money – silver & gold – is one way of providing a safe harbor for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.  
How would it feel to have the assurance of always having the right holding
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You still have choices and opportunities!

In the spirit of positive community growth, a fully qualified plan has been developed to promote the sanctity of our currently free CASH BASED society, while simultaneously preserving the secured intrinsic value of our monetary system.  These factors, coupled with a well-planned organic community empowerment thru our international network of small businesses, will certainly create a significant cash flow thru your community, and in turn provide for your family and friends that they may thrive with the strategic assistance and influence of this unified Global Yes to Cash virtual online community!

Why Silver, Why Now?

We MUST ACT NOW while society as a whole still has the opportunity to move in this direction!  Not just the opportunity to hold real lawful silver/gold money in your hand, but an actual marketplace in which all goods and services are exchanged and moved in terms of 0.999 fine silver.  Imagine if 10% of all transactions were set aside in the form of one ounce 0.999 fine sovereign silver (legal tender) in a “non-depletion” account.  Now imagine further that this special account also supports global initiatives which are aligned with a higher purpose and plan for the empowerment of your family, friends and community!

It all starts with you, so CoVest today!

The act of CoVesting is NOT making an “Investment,” nor is it making a cash “Donation” simply to be redirected and spent, rather, CoVesting is the proactive engagement of working cooperatively with like-minded individuals toward a common goal, while actively contributing from one’s personal provision of 1 to 3 gifts:

As the Global Y2C movement is so great, and the daily workers are so few, we are calling on all who can help us so that we may muster up an international fiduciary team to coordinate and administrate Global Yes to Cash regional activities, committees, treasuries, etc.


This movement is valuable in so many more ways than just cash, and it will take the efforts of millions collaborating interdependently together, standing in the pursuit of Liberty and Freedom and only by taking ACTION today!

Attend functions, spread the word, educate your family, friends and neighbors, and participate in this global community of producers and consumers standing in advocacy of a sustainable cash based organic economy, empowered simply by how we choose to live this day!

Covest Your Time

Covest Your Talent

Covest Your Treasure

Individuals with specialized skill sets are generally hard to recruit based solely on altruistic contribution toward a positive community goal. 


We are always welcoming people with integrity who have niche talents and disciplines in the fields of:  Accounting, Legal, Construction, Architecture, Project Management, Business Development, Financial Planning, Engineering, Community Planning, Programming, Web Development, Graphic Design & Publication, Journalists & Writers, Musicians and Artists, etc., wherein not all positions are compensated with potentially taxable earned income, but rather, well-rewarded with something far greater.  As an organic community begins to cooperate interdependently, there will be more than enough pecuniary benefits for all participants to partake in, pursuant to certain milestone achievements of this Global Y2C movement.

In contributing silver to the ISDA vault, a “Communal Treasury” is established for capital enhancement of those principal assets held in safe keeping through an application of an active asset management system.  


It is our goal here at Global Y2C never to diminish the principal asset held on deposit in the ISDA Community Stabilization Fund. 


Instead, we are committed to leveraging the principal of all communal capital assets, and utilizing the proceeds generated toward strategic and sustainable contributions to your community unto the promotion of organic economic growth.  These activities will stimulate your domestic cash flow with a medium of real intrinsic value exchanged for goods and services throughout a community of Pro-Cash advocates.  Silver!


What is Global


The Birth of the “Yes to Cash” Movement

A bedtime story...

Once upon a time there was a little country (5.2 million inhabitants) where the financial players and the government thought that they could rid their nation of cash money.  They desired to rid themselves from the "nuisance" of cash by the year 2020.  So they sold their plan as a "make it simpler and more secure" solution for handling and storing cash.  Even more, they sold it as an inevitable concept in stating "you can’t stop the digitalization of the future anyway".

They also knew that the inhabitants of this little country loved digital technology more than almost any other nation in this world, and that most of them had smartphones, computers and an overwhelming willingness to use them almost whenever and wherever they could.  Almost everyone in this little country understands and speaks English fairly well, and a large number of people read and “consume” almost everything they find regarding information pertaining to digital development.

On top of all of this, most inhabitants of the land also trusted their government more than almost any other nation’s people do their own. 
The politicians did not say anything back then.  They let the private banks handle it all, and on the top of the banker playing list, was and is the partly government owned “DnB Bank.”

But what these players underestimated was the power of what they thought to simply be little boys and girls of a small country.  However, these boys and girls were more able to read and write, and more importantly think for themselves than their leaders and banks had originally suspected.  Yes they “consumed” the digital world like almost no other, but they also listened and observed when presented with the potential dark side of it all.


This story begins in the fall of 2014.  Investigative journalist and Chief News Editor Hans Christian Faerden was also an active pundit on Facebook for more than five years, and an active webmaster and blogger for over 3 years.  His major topics for discussion included finance and history.

Faerden became quite upset when he discovered that the banks and other financial players in his little country wanted to get rid of cash by the year 2020.  What would then happen to the system of checks and balances between the standing banks and their customers?

So, at that time, since he had approximately 3,000 followers on Facebook, Faerden started publishing his worries to his followers, but very few understood what the true problem was.  As busy as Faerden was back then, he hoped someone would help take the ball together with him, but no one came to assist in this great task for almost the first year. 

A few people of course paid their respects, but for quite some time it was just an ordinary Facebook group.  Until one day, a few months later Joerund Rytman, a member of the Norwegian Parliament joined Faerden in the group.  Rytman was and is representing “Fremskrittspartiet”, The Progressive Party, and was member of the Parliamentary Committee of Finance when he joined Faerden in what was then called “If No to cash, Then Boycott” group.


Rytman was very alone in his political support for cash back then.  None of his colleagues seemed to understand what he and Faerden were doing, so Rytman and Faerden focused on the topic at hand, and chose not to engage in party politics, although Rytman had indeed tested the cash situation in the Parliament a couple of times by officially asking the relevant ministers about cash.

What was all this time important for Faerden, Rytman and their slowly growing number of followers, was and is that cash, according to Norwegian Law has to be accepted as a form of payment.  Anyone refusing to accept cash as a medium of exchange would thereby be breaking the law, and the banks according the same laws must make cash available to all of their account holders.

It was these laws which Rytman tested in Parliament, because they seemed to be sleeping even unto this day! No one cared, nor seems to care.

​A year after the start of the group “If No to cash, Then Boycott”, it had become more and more obvious that the name had to be changed to something more positive.  It was then that the
“JA til Kontanter” or “YES to CASH” movement was truly born, with an emphasis on YES and CASH.

Phase 1

The media in this little country (revealed here as Norway) which had since been promoting the idea of a cash free society, to this point, hardly featured anyone who was speaking out against a cashless society.  The public relations people for the banks seemed to have open access to the media with no counter to the matter pursuant to objective reporting.  Norway is a country where almost everyone has access to internet, and the media have “since the dawn of data time,” been pushing the “new technology agenda.” Journalists truly love this topic!

Faerden, holding a background in public relations, and some psychology, knew that around 5,000 members in the group would be the “critical mass” necessary to bring the group forward.  So setting his sights on a goal, he focused on getting there, especially after seeing what Rytman did, and understanding what could be done if the group became large enough. Yes to Cash began to grow, but fairly slowly.

Late 2015 it was decided that a Yes to Cash formal organization needed to see the “light of day”, this was certainly necessary to be taken seriously as lobbyists, and to grow even more.  The members of the Facebook group were invited to a meeting at a museum for the first silver coins of Norway, a neighbor of Norway Mint. Would it be possible to establish a board to take Yes to Cash forward?

Only 2 handfuls of people came.  It was clearly too early to formalize things more, but a preliminary board was established.  Now it is VERY important to understand what followed next.

Some active and eager people had turned up along the way, especially the ones in the preliminary board. Faerden got them involved in the administration, etc.

Soon internal struggles surfaced.  Different visions, different ideas on how to achieve the goals.  Faerden had to fight many fights.  He had the vision, and would not let that one go.  He made many mistakes, especially letting others be leaders before they were 100% synchronized with the original vision, and had been “de-programmed” from their social media training, telling them how to run a group like this.  We did not follow the social media manual, we followed the heart.

However, the internal fighting did not stop the growth of group, and very early in 2016 the number of members hit 5,000 allowing Faerden to start Phase 2 in the plan.  Media attention was needed.

Phase 2

Faerden had for years read a prominent financial site in Norway called www.E24.no, and he was somewhat upset since he started with Yes to Cash, because they, along with many others in the media gave room for so much digital cashless propaganda, while pro cash advocates were not seen published anywhere!

Deciding to put an end to this media blackout, Faerden played a card in knowing full well that journalists in Norway are always concerned about being “used” as tools exploited for propaganda.  Upon reading a propaganda piece in an article published by a leading journalist, Faerden decided to send an email asking the journalist just how long she and her site had “…planned to be the megaphones for the banks, and not real journalists?!?”  He received a polite answer back, but a couple of days later she came back and wanted to publish an article (Norwegian)(English) about Yes to Cash.

The article was very good for us, and Yes to Cash by that late May had only 5,690 members when the article was published. However, that number started growing at a nearly breathtaking speed shortly thereafter.  Between 800 and 2,000 members a day for the next week registered as members of Yes to Cash!  A few more media interests caught up, even national radio took an interest in the movement.  By August 5th of 2016, Yes to Cash had approximately 12,500 members and growing.

On August 5, of 2016, the Yes to Cash organization was formally established.  Faerden in June of that same year, had re-connected with a very experienced former colleague from then press, where Faerden originally come from whose name is Joern Wad.  Wad also has a lot experience in dealing with politics.

Wad and Faerden sat down a looked at the options for Yes to Cash and decided that the time was right to go forward, and to do what had not been possible back in late 2015.  The date August 5th of 2016 was set, and the place to establish a formal organization was decided to be the 400-year-old Norway Mint.  A more fitting place they would be hard pressed to find!

The owner of Norway Mint had been an outstanding member of Yes to Cash for some time now, and he was of course ready support in all ways that he could.

The 12,500 members by August 5, 2016 turned out to be approximately 30,000+ by the years end!  The press release sent out after the event on the 5th had certainly created some strong media attention, and more inquiries followed, to include a television debate with Faerden on a Nordic Christian TV station.  Nevertheless, most of all the growth the rest of 2016 seemed to be a result of interaction between the Facebook group and the website www.Jatilkontanter.no.  The articles published there soon went “viral” on Facebook.  Lots of things went viral.  People started to wake-up, and many got angry when they understood what the removal of cash would really mean for all of society!  The anger stimulated much of their own activity and dialogue on published on Facebook and other blogs, and more and more people came to know Yes to Cash.  By the end of 2016 the internal fighting was also more or less over.  Some people had left us, others were sorry, and most of the team that surfaced on August 5th of 2016 proved to be more and more “True to the cause.”

January 7, 2017 is the date when Yes to Cash truly morphed from “growing toward a critical mass movement” and transforming into an undertaking which really changed Norway.  The Digital Change committee of the Conservative Party of Norway (the Party of the PM) launched their plan to digitalize Norway, and through their intended initiative, remove cash by the year 2030.  This party intended that by 2020 electronic payments would be the standing norm of society, but still allow cash for only 10 years more.

It was literally minutes from this plan being launched when the first phone call from the media was received by Faerden.  The first call was from the News hour on the national radio station.

The next couple of weeks were completely crazy, and Yes to Cash made them even more so by being very proactive wherever they could to present the underlying consequences of such a ludicrous plan for cashless society by 2030.    It was then that Yes to Cash was featured several times in most widespread and regional media throughout Norway.  On January 12, 2017, Faerden was invited to meet the head of the Norwegian Tax Authorities in a direct duel debating on prime time to be broadcast on the main national television channel of Norway, NRK 1.  The same morning Faerden met the national head of The Norwegian Data Protection Authority, and the head of the Digital Committee of the Conservative Party for a debate on TV2.

While all this media activity was ongoing, Yes to Cash grew even more, and many members were from the lower ranks of the political parties of Parliament.  More and more people had contacted Faerden, and Faerden additionally contacted people whom he personally targeted who did not contact him.  Especially leaders from regional levels where it proved to be important.  After following Yes to Cash for a while, and after receiving more information directly from Faerden, almost all members of Parliament decided that removing cash was crazy!

There are many political parties in Norway, but only two blocks, simply put left and right.  However, the reality in truth is that the major parties in both blocks frankly are mere globalist parties, and really hold no dividing lines at all.  The Conservatives and the Social Democratic/The Workers Party are just “controlled” opposites to keep Norway more or less in a status quo.  This was standard Hegelian Dialectics at work, further empowered by Ralf Dahrendorf's Theory of Social Differentiation and Elite Theory.  A great study for those who don’t know how the “Globalists” think.

Interestingly, among the major support groups necessary for the globalists to be able to form a government is The Progressive Party for the Conservatives, and The Farmers Party for the Workers Party.  Strangely enough, these two supporting parties are NOT globalist parties, and this fact allows for Norway to be more independent than it might have been if it were not for these two parties.  They in turn manage to balance out the globalists far left initiatives, and help to keep a more truly independent government in Norway.  Wherein, the globalists are the ones who most want cash to be completely removed from society.

One day the former organizational leader of The Farmer’s Party contacted Faerden, and the push in Parliament was then instigated.  Faerden was personally invited to speak with them, and over time, together with a former banker who is a member of Yes to Cash built an informative tool for them, which they then introduced to Parliament.

It will be a Parliamentary election in Norway in 2017, on 9/11.  Elections which may bring Norway a new government are held every 4 years, and in the months before the election, all the political parties have their national gatherings where their individual leadership, meet together with their regional people.  It is then when each party decides their program for the next 4 years, should they be elected.

The former organizational leader, along with several other politicians from the Farmer’s Party had been silent members of the Yes to Cash Facebook group for quite some time now.  It was during this silence when he then contacted Faerden, and used it for all that it was worth knowing full well that the strongest opponent of Farmer’s Party is the Conservative Party.  He told them that this would be their chance to show the Prime Minister who’s right, and even more, to begin a new mêlée, like the battle over the European Union.  After that the Farmer’s Party and Yes to Cash have been working side by side, even though Yes to Cash is a adamantly a neutral player when it comes to party politics.  Only one topic counts, and all that support cash will get a lot of goodwill from the proponents of Yes to Cash.

After Yes to Cash grew beyond 30,000 members, and as it continues to grow, it became very clear that the politicians truly started to fear them pursuant to their 2030 cashless society agenda.  One by one, privately within their national gatherings, the political parties began to change their party programs.  Yes to Cash created a storm against each one of them, but a very polite one, and it earned its right to be taken very seriously today. Click here for ongoing Yes-To-Cash Media Coverage.

As it turned out in regard to the regional politicians of Norway, most of them have now become members of the Yes to Cash movement which forced their leaders to change.  Even the Prime Minister lost the battle to promote a cashless society in Norway.  The Conservative Party has also included Yes to Cash in their standing program now.  Indeed, the banks have lost this round, and there will be no removal of cash from society in Norway by 2020.

On June 14, 2017, the Financial Committee of the Parliament will debate 8 suggestions from The Farmer’s Party / Yes to Cash implying that banks will be forced to take cash back in the banks again.  The Parliament will have to decide on a new legal framework, etc. this coming June 21st.  

Yes to Cash has written and communicated for quite some time that a “NO to Cash” from any political party means that they are saying NO to freedom and liberty, and Yes to Cash has thoroughly explained the reasons why.  Can they live with that right before a new election?

Yes to Cash is truly a story of David vs. Goliath, and has caused 2017 to be a very special year for the advocacy freedom not just in Norway, but to be a shining light upon a hill, and a beacon of hope in standing testimony that YES…one person can truly make a difference!

So will you join with us today in Phase 3 of the plan?

The Farmer’s Party were the leaders of the people’s movement in both 1972 and 1994 when the people of Norway said “NO” to becoming members of the European Union.


Yes to Cash observed that it was predominantly the “worker-bees” from non-globalist parties who contacted us, and then began to pursuade their own leadership in the “keep-the-cash” direction.  Also people from other political parties, including the Prime Minister’s Conservative Party joined in the movement with us.

                     Hans Christian Faerden (Left) and MP Jorund Rytman, Ret. (Right)                   


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In essence, the Global Y2C movement is not as much about money as it is about taking a firm stance for the preservation of our civil liberties and freedoms associated with the use of an un-manipulated currency medium like silver and gold in the form of “cold hard cash.”

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Our modus operandi is not to upset the global financial apple-cart with anarchy, but rather to simply encourage a network of like-minded people who are in support of a tangible cash-based economy which bears a real intrinsic value.  This alliance will provide our international framework of people with the essential tools necessary to increase our individual and collective positive cash flows, while cultivating new independent entrepreneurial ideas for both domestic production and consumption, as well as a seamless opportunity for vertical expansion within our established global distribution network.


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The ISDA itself is a functioning committee established for the secured collective treasury management of your CoVested communal assets.  The ISDA Vault is an Assured facility currently domiciled within the jurisdiction of a Sovereign Ecclesiastical State as an integrated auxiliary, and set apart from any inorganic taxing and/or commercial regulatory authorities.  All assets held within the ISDA-CSF are composed of real intrinsic value (silver/gold), and held in a vault shrouded with internationally recognized sovereign immunity under the veil of international security clearance.  Our Sovereign Ecclesiastical State jurisdiction is publicly recognized by decree issued and witnessed under signature of Supreme Court Justice and Judicial Notarial Authenticated Apostille. The ISDA stands in recognition of its domicile within the jurisdiction of its Nation host, and is further blessed by the Nation's adjoining Monarchy with enforceable oversight.